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Fathom 3

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Opah proudly unleashes Fathom 3, a premium UV resistant fishing cooler bag that is 100% waterproof. That’s right! No more leaks!

Fathom 3 is made with marine-grade vinyl and utilizes an insulation system that allows for long term cold storage of approximately 52-quarts. No need for an ice chest with this quality fishing bag. Plus, every Opah cooler bag is fully washable and mildew-resistant for easy maintenance.

The Fathom 3 fishing cooler is designed to maintain its upright position while being filled and includes an interior waterproof pocket to store filets, beverages, or anything else you want to keep separate and cold. Exterior netting compartments and a spacious pocket with Velcro closure are perfect for storing fishing tools and accessories.

    *Note: Due to the high density of foam and the contour of the bag, the dimension of the bag may vary in Length, Width, or Height in the range of 2-4 inches.*

    Fathom 3 Dimensions

    36"L x 18"H x 12"W

    Volume: Approx. 52 quarts (13 gallons)

    Materials: Heavy-Duty 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester

    Insulation: 2" dense closed-cell foam


    "The Opah bag's insulation is thicker than Reliable bad and other kill bags and held ice much better throughout the day. VERY happy with this purchase and planning on buying one more before next fishing season." 

    Richard Ford

    "This bag looks great, I’m looking forward to using it.  I believe I had mentioned that I already own a Reliable bag but the features and construction of this bag look to be far superior!

    Thanks again for all your care and attention." 

    Jack Hinnenthal