Allison W.
Great Quality- Holds Ice ALL DAY
"So I hadn't heard of this bag before, but I gave it a shot because it had some features that seemed better than the more commonly known kill bags. I went out on the ocean over the weekend and tried it out. Put 7lbs of ice in it and it was still there at the end of the day- would probably last another day or two if we had kept it in there. The zipper is much better quality than other bags I've used before (really strong and doesn't seem like it'll break), as are the straps. The straps seem like they are made out of seat belt material and are really durable. Another cool thing about this is that the bottom of the bag is flat, so when you hit a wave or are driving home, the bag doesn't tip over and make a big mess. Our boat is only big enough for this size, but I'll be recommending this brand to any of my buddies who need a new kill bag!"
Great insulation
"Excellent for keeping ice all day, zippers are good too, could use zippers on both side, others then that it does a great job. This is my second kill bag from them."
Great kill bag
"Love this bag. The flat bottom sets perfect at the transom and a 20# bag of ice last two days in the Florida sun even after getting bait out of it most of the day. Great investment even thinking about the next size up."
Adrian J.
Best bag on the market!
"This bag is the BEST on the market today. I am a commercial fisherman in California and big bluefin are a big part of my target species. This bag blows Reliable bags away solid construction and it keeps ice for days."
Cleans up easily and material doesn’t retain any smells after rinsing
"Expensive but worth the cost. Filled with ice and kept fish very well. Bag didn’t leak and after done using I just rinsed out with plain water. No fishy smell. Opah bag is a quality product. Very heavy duty."