100% Leak-Free

Our Fathom line of kill bags are waterproof and leak-free. These premium cooler bags come in various sizes and offer the best features for all fishers from casual to pro.

Insulated cooler bags for deep sea fishing

Why choose our bags?


Freestanding design for easy handling.


Interior waterproof zipper pouch that cools fillets or beers.


A big bag to fit your big catch.


"I went out on the ocean over the weekend and tried it out. Put 7lbs of ice in it and it was still there at the end of the day- would probably last another day or two if we had kept it in there. The zipper is much better quality than other bags I've used before (really strong and doesn't seem like it'll break), as are the straps. The straps seem like they are made out of seat belt material and are really durable." 

A. W.

"I'm telling everyone about your killer kill bags. Absolutely love the fact they are made in San Diego." 

Michael McGuire

"The Opah bag's insulation is thicker than Reliable bag and other kills bags and held the ice much better throughout the day. VERY happy with this purchase and planning on buying one more before next fishing season."   

Richard Ford

"I would recommend this to anyone who wants a longer style kill bag or simply one that will actually keep ice for days not hours once there is fish in it."


"This bag looks great, I’m looking forward to using it.  I believe I had mentioned that I already own a Reliable bag but the features and construction of this bag look to be far superior!

Thanks again for all your care and attention." 

Jack Hinnenthal

"Another cool thing about this is that the bottom of the bag is flat, so when you hit a wave or are driving home, the bag doesn't tip over and make a big mess. Our boat is only big enough for this size, but I'll be recommending this brand to any of my buddies who need a new kill bag!"

A. W.

"Okay, this thing is amazing. It's GIANT. No way you could lift it full of fish, if you could ever fill it. Bought it to hunt albacore but looks like I'll be needing to find some BFT. Great quality as well and MUCH thicker insulation than other brands. Hands-down the best."

Lorca Rossman

"Filled with ice and kept fish very well. Bag didn’t leak and after done using I just rinsed out with plain water. No fishy smell. Opah bag is a quality product. Very heavy duty."


"I have never owned my own kill bag, always borrowed someone's but this one is different. The material for insulation is twice as thick of any bag I've borrowed or looked at buying and the zipper seems higher quality as well. What I like most is that it has a large pocket in the middle and also netted pockets on the ends, great little touch that a lot of bags do not offer."


"I could not have asked for a better response from a manufacturer."

Jack Hinnenthal