Opah Pro Staff Agreement

What is an Opah Pro Staff Member?

An Opah Pro Staff Member is an individual who represents the brand and passion we share for our products and industry. Pro Staff members range from influencers, captains, companies, and basic anglers. While many stem from different backgrounds, their main role is to promote Opah and our products. Our Pro Staff members are strategically selected individuals that represent our brand and its values. They are expected to provide useful content and promotion in order to effectively market our products. Pro Staff members are not Opah employees and are not paid directly for their contributions. 

Who does NOT qualify as an Opah Pro Staff Member?

In today’s industry many anglers attempt to land a spot on a Pro Staff team to gain notoriety amongst their followers/fellow anglers. It is a common misconception that Pro Staff means you go out, fish, film a little bit, and tag us on social media every now and then. This is NOT what our program is searching for.

To be considered for our program, you need to have a deep understanding and love for our products. You must appreciate their place in the market and share our passion. We are not here to give you promotions or free products based on the expectation of you tagging us on instagram every so often. If you have never used one of our products but think they look cool, you may want to reconsider applying.

What are Pro Staff Member expectations?

Opah Pro Staff Members need to have the ability to effectively write, produce, and market content regarding our products. They need to have a complete understanding of their industry. We expect members to have undeniable comprehension of our products and their build process. We expect them to attend local trade shows and events to help promote our brand. They are required to fulfill a specific criteria of content to maintain their status of Pro Staff Member.

Here are basic expectations of our Pro Staff Members.

Video Posts
Use of Opah products within posts and vidoes. 
Mentions of Opah products within posts and videos.
Product links and mentions within descriptions of posts and videos.
Tagging of brands within posts and video descriptions.

Videos- 3/month featuring the use of our products.
Videos- 1/quarter that is Opah/Opah Product specific.
Videos- 1 "unboxing" video per half year -(Opah to provide talking points, highlights, etc.)
Social Posts/Stills (IG/FB) - 2/Month

Opah Pro Staff Member Minimum Qualifications

Over the age of 18
Exisisting customer/user of Opah Gear
Have a presence in the industry via a leading role, social influence, or occupation
Ability to produce your own content without any assistance from Opah

Pro Staff Rules

Promotional Commitment | While enrolled in our program, it is to be expected you will be committed to the Opah brand. This includes exclusivity in promotion of similar products. If you’re a member of our program, you are not to promote, sell, or influence the purchase of any competitor products. We are in an extremely saturated market and we expect nothing but dedication from our members. Influence or endorsement of any competing product or brand will lead to immediate dismissal from the program.

Cooperation with our team | We select our program members very carefully to ensure their position is most beneficial to our brand. In the event we need assistance gathering certain content or feedback, we anticipate you will help whenever possible. By contributing with our team consistently, you will remain a member of the program and unlock more rewards/opportunities.

Honesty | We have put countless hours into making the best product in our market. We do not need to lie to consumers to convey our quality. We expect members to be honest about our products to their audience. Honesty in our industry is extremely easy to point out. And if you get caught lying, it will be known. If you didn’t have the bag on the boat that day, don’t claim you did. If you didn’t go fishing this week, don’t promote the product as if you did. If you have never fit a 250lb Bluefin Tuna in the Fathom 7, don’t tell people you have.

Consistently Provide Feedback | You must consistently provide feedback to our team regarding the products and your services. We need to see the results and effort you are putting in. We also need you to provide constructive feedback whenever possible. This is not seen as a negative. It shows you care about our product enough to help improve it whenever possible.

Be A Decent Person | Our industry is littered with negativity. We do not need another person who talks down on other anglers, other brands, or other practices. You are to be respectful in our community and not cause issues that will lead to drama/backlash. This is especially important when it comes to competitor brands/products. You are not a member so you can speak about other brands, you are a member because you promote ours.


The terms of your Pro Staff membership will be provided upon approval. Due to the varying nature of our member roles in the industry, the terms are subject to change.

If at any point, you fail to meet the criteria for our Pro Staff, Opah reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately.

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