Owner's Manual

Opah Gear Catch Bag

Owner’s Manual



Congrats on purchasing an insulated kill bag. Welcome to the Opah Gear family!


“Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.”



Moonfish, or known in Hawaiian as “Opah”, are deep-bodied fish that grow up to 2 meters long. Our insulated kill bags are inspired by the enormous size of this incredible and colorful fish species. The storage that our kill bags provide are specially made for those catches of a lifetime.

The Opah Gear story started when 3 avid offshore fisherman who frequently fished saw a need for a better catch bag. With backgrounds in mechanical and textile engineering, they set out in a quest to design a bag that stood upright, had more insulation, and was more durable and versatile than any catch bag on the market. After 30 prototypes and variations, our bag was perfected, and Opah Gear was launched. 

Opah Gear is not just a product, but rather an immersive experience. Our goal is to make quality gear with great features for the modern day fisherman. We look forward to future innovation and want thank all of our customers for the support and business. 



Opah Catch Bags

Built for the pros and weekend warriors alike!


Special Features

  • Best zipper in the industry.
  • Over-built vinyl and insulation.
  • Storage pocket.
  • Hitch point grid (attach tolls for extra storage).
  • Reinforced carrying handles for heavy loads.
  • Easy drain.
  • Mesh storage.
  • Upright Gusseted design.


Usage & Cleaning

Usage: Use the drain plug to slowly empty water and liquid.

Warning: Do not leave children unattended near the catch bag when any liquid is present. Keep children away from catch bag when even a small amount of liquid is present.

Warning: Do not use bleach when cleaning your bag. Only a very small amount can be used diluted with water without harming the bag or voiding the warranty.

Warning: Do not use dry ice in the bag. This will void the warranty.




Get to Know Cold (Ice Cold)

With an Opah catch bag, you can guarantee you will get the most insulation out of any bag on the market. Opah catch bags are made with double the insulation foam than competition brands and use tough stitching and zippers to ensure your catch is sealed and stays cold.


Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Catch Cold And Retain Ice

Reduce Air: It is ideal to maximize all the space in your cooler. The less air, the colder and longer your ice will last.

Use Block Ice: We recommend using larger ice when filling your bag. Block ice will melt slower than cubed ice. *Note: This bag is not designed for dry ice.*

Follow The 2:1 Ratio: Try to keep 2-parts ice with 1-part fish inside the cooler.

Shade: If you can keep your ice in the shade, expect it to last for days.

Limit Opens: Limit the amount of times the cooler is opening and closing to keep a consistent cool.

Bleed Your Fish: Not only will bleeding improve the quality of your catch, but it will also reduce temperature of your catch quicker. In turn, this will result in a fresher and better tasting fish.




All Opah Gear catch bags are warranted against workmanship or defects for 1 year from the original purchase.


Warranty Details

  • Warranty only applies to the original owner.
  • Warranty is void if the cooler is structurally altered or damaged due to abnormal use or subjected to stress beyond the normal physical limits of the material (Vinyl).
  • Normal wear and tear are not warranted.
  • Tears from catch such as a live billfish, or spines puncturing the bag is not covered under warranty.



Register or contact us online at opahgear.com for any questions or concerns.