The Opah Story


Opah began after a fishing trip in Baja California.


 On this particular weekend trip, we caught so many fish that we couldn’t fit them all into the coolers we brought. We ended up finding Mexican grocery bags and stuffing them with ice to keep the fish on our trip home. Bloody fish guts were leaking all over the trunk as we unloaded the car in San Diego. Needless to say, Larry's wife did not want to sit in his car for weeks and insisted he stop going on these fishing trips if he couldn't contain his catch.

Opah was born from a need that quickly turned into an obsession to make the best insulated fishing bags on the market. The bag needed to be able to hold a huge catch, keep fish cold for an entire weekend, and NEVER LEAK.

When you get the catch of a lifetime, we want to make sure that you have the storage you need to keep your catch cold! Here at Opah, we share your love and passion for fishing and have built outdoor gear for the pros and weekend warriors!