The Best Way to Plan a Fishing Trip

The Best Way to Plan a Fishing Trip

For many, the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day, which falls on May 31 this year. While many fishermen plan big fishing trips around the holiday, others make plans around other factors.  Here are a few insights on the best times to go fishing this month and beyond. 

Many fishermen like to plan fishing trips around the moon phases. The moon’s influence on the tides in turn seems to have an effect on fish activity, with peak activity being around the new moon and full moon. This May, the new moon falls on May 11, while the full moon is on May 26.

Weather plays another factor. The presence of rain, wind, and heat all have an effect on whether certain fish species will be biting or not. Good or bad weather will also definitely affect the fisherman himself while waiting for the fish to bite.

Of course, Memorial Day fishing trips are popular for good reason. They land on a three day weekend, which is perfect for taking out a boat for an ocean fishing trip to go after big catches such as tuna.

The best way to ensure a successful Memorial Day fishing trip is to make sure your catch stays cold and fresh. Opah Gear fishing bags are specifically designed to handle this. Our bags can keep ice for up to 4 days, perfect for keeping your catch fresh on an extended fishing trip.   

Just about any fisherman will agree the best day to go fishing is when it is possible. All the planning in the world means nothing if you aren’t available for it.  At the end of the day, fishing is meant to be a relaxing experience. For fishermen, any day spent fishing is a day well spent.