Rockfish opener in Southern California with Opah Gear Fathom Insulated Fish Cooler Bags / Kill Bags

SoCal Rockfish Season Is Here!

It's that time of year again!


Although a fishery that only takes a short hiatus, the opening of sea-based rockfish angling marks the start of sportfishing to many California Anglers. Closed from the new year to the beginning of March, the season signifies the warmer waters and awesome fishing to come. This year brings the same time period with slightly different regulations. Here are some rules to consider before getting on the water! 


Season Restrictions

Duration: Season is open from March 1 to 12/31, 2022 for sea-based anglers

(year round for shore fishing and diving)

Depth: Rockfish may only be targeted within 100 Fathoms (600ft)


Limit Restrictions

Rockfish: 10 fish total limit (while abiding by species sub-limits)

Vermillion Rockfish (pictured below): 4 fish per angler per day sub-limit

Copper Rockfish: 1 fish per angler per day sub-limit

Quillback Rockfish: 1 fish per angler per day sub-limit

Yelloweye Rockfish, Bronzespotted Rockfish, and Cowcod: 0 fish

Vermillion Rockfish Sothern California Opah Gear Insulated Cooler Bags


Other Season-Restricted Species

Kelp and Rock Greenlings: Up to 10 fish counting towards the rockfish limit

Lingcod: 2 fish w/ size limit of 22" length

California Sheephead: 5 fish

Ocean Whitefish: 10 fish

Leopard Shark: 3 fish w/ size limit of 26" length

Lingcod Opah Gear Fish Cooler Bags San Diego Kill Bags


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