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Introducing our new Opah Gear Kayak Fish Cooler Bags!


Kayak fishing popularity has grown exponentially in the past 10 years. With industry technology progressing at tremendous pace, many anglers are choosing the low maintenance of a kayak over boats. One of the luxuries we love most about kayak fishing is the simplicity and stealthy approach. It is easy and you can often get where boats can't access. Oftentimes, you are met with limited options for rigging, which means sacrificing certain luxuries boaters take advantage of. One difficult area is fish storage. There have been kayak kill bag options on the market before, but they always seem to fall short in one way or another. Other kayak bags leak, do not have proper insulation due to weight savings, and rip as a result of weak materials and an awkward shaped design. These are inexcusable flaws that take away from the very concept of kayak fishing. 

In response to these issues, we are proud to introduce our Opah Gear K3 and K4 Kayak Bags. Made with the same durable materials and trusted leak-proof process, our handmade kill bags bring performance to the kayak fishing industry. No more tearing, no more leaking, and no more resorting to game clips that leave your prized catch dangling in the water for any predator to come and take. Designed specifically to give anglers the same durability and advantages as our Fathom line of fish cooler bags. 


  • 100% Leak-proof, with specialized gusseted bottom and non corrosive YKK zipper to prevent top spills

  • Fully Insulated: Closed-cell foam insulation keeps fish ice cold for up to 4 days.

  • Low Maintenance: Fully Washable, UV and Mildew resistant, with a built-in drain plug for easy drainage and cleanup.

  • Convenience: Exterior mesh compartments provide additional storage for fishing gear, accessories and drinks.

  • Durable: Made from Marine Grade 18 oz lead-free Vinyl Polyester.

  • Multiple Sizes: 36''L x 20''W (Tapered) x 8'' H or 48"L x 22"W (Tapered) x 8"H

  • Fits most kayaks! If you have questions about rigging, please reach out!


Click here to see more about our new K3 and K4 bags!