Anticipated Florida Tournaments

Anticipated Florida Tournaments

As we head into February of 2022, the waters begin to warm and conditions continue to improve across North America for the sportfishing industry. While the majority of destinations continue to await the beginning of peak season, the South-East is already in full swing. 



Tournament season is officially here for organizations in the gulf coast and Florida. What are some of the important tournaments coming up this year? How much money do the top anglers profit? Here are three of the most anticipated sportfishing tournaments coming to the panhandle state this year!



Jimmy Johnson’s Championship Fishing Tournament (March 2022)

This tournament is renowned for its celebrity appearances and overall insane payouts. This year, it guarantees the highest payout of any sportfishing tournament to date. Winners will take home a minimum of $1,000,000, with expectations of it reaching upwards of $2,000,000. This massive tournament spreads over 4 different marinas. Anglers that pay the $8,000 entry fee can fish from Key Largo, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach. If the payout, celebrity tournament, and fame weren’t enough to make you want to enter, the winners also take home a super bowl-like ring. 



Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament (July 2022)

Though not bringing the purse and glory the previous tournament gives, this event targeting large Kingfish (King Mackerel) offers quite the reward for the top anglers. The winning team receives a brand new Contender 25T center console worth over $140k. These tournaments are notoriously competitive and always come down to a thin margin to determine winners. In a previous article, we discussed the characteristics of Kingfish Tournaments. You can learn more here.



Florida Sailfish Cup (November 2021-May 2022)

This tournament brings in thousands of anglers and spans a 7 month duration. It covers the entire state of Florida and covers all major billfish. It gives anglers the luxury of fishing where they are most comfortable during times that work best for them. For such a laid back tournament, having a payout of $25k brings plenty of competition. 

These tournaments are sure to bring thousands of spectators as well as competitors. With the industry recovering from recent delays and cancellations due to the pandemic, this year is said to mark a major recovery. With some events currently underway and others set to kick off within the next few months, this year's tournament series in Florida will be one to remember.