Cooler bag, catch bag, kill bag

7 Reasons Opah Kill Bags are Better Than Coolers

  1. Flexibility

    Hard coolers have space limitations. Opah cooler bags have flexibility. They can be stored flat to save space when they aren’t in use and can be put in a variety of positions to accommodate most boat sizes.

  2. Reflective Color

    Opah cooler bags are white, a color that reflects the heat of the sun and helps extend the amount of time your big catch will stay cold. With our ¾” insulation and heat-sealed seams, your ice will keep for up to 72 hours.

  3. Killer Handles

    Opah fishing kill bags have durable handles for an easy carry alone or with your fellow weekend warriors. Our straps are stitched all the way around the bag, so you evenly lift the entire weight of the bag when lifting the handles. This prevents extensive wear on the top of the bag and keeps the straps and bag intact longer. You can even try sliding a pole or bamboo stick through the side loops for days when those Bluefin Tuna are really biting!

  4. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

    Pockets! There are four nylon-webbed pockets on the outside of all Opah Gear kill bags. These are great for storing towels, hats, sunscreen, or snacks. There’s an additional bag on the outside with heavy-duty Velcro to hold the more important things like your keys or wallet. INSIDE the bag, is an additional pocket great for fillets or spiny fish, but most people like to use it to keep their beer cold.

  5. Better Insulation

    Opah Gear kill bags have ¾” foam insulation, which is thicker than the leading brands. Your fish will stay cold for up to 72 hours on ice.

  6. Leak-Proof

    We spent a ton of money on this fancy-ass machine that heat-seals the seams. Opah Gear bags won’t get fish blood stuck in the seams, which will lead to them not only smell better but also last longer.

  7. Freestanding Design

    The bottoms of our bags lay FLAT. No one wants to fill a bag up, just to have it flip over and spill everywhere. Opah Gear kill bags don’t do this! You can throw this in the back of your ride and not worry about cleanup when you get home.