3 Day Weekend Fishing Trip Ideas

3 Day Weekend Fishing Trip Ideas

Memorial Day is next week, and with it a three day weekend. Three day weekends are perfect opportunities for an extended fishing trip out at sea. Here are a few popular places that offer a variety of fishing catches  

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are widely recognized as one of the best sport fishing spots in the world. As home to the only living coral barrier reef in the US and excellent weather year round, several prized species will be biting at any given time. The Keys are home to fish species such as bonefish and tarpon known for their fight, and are also one of the best places to pursue billfish such as swordfish and marlin.

Texas Gulf Coast

While Texas has plentiful inshore fishing opportunities, the offshore fishing off the Gulf of Mexico provides a very different experience. The cities of Galveston and Freeport in particular provide excellent launching points for offshore excursions. Popular catches here include king mackerel, red snapper, and dorado.

Baja California

The story of Opah Gear began due to a Baja California fishing trip that was almost too successful, as we wound up with so much fish that we couldn’t store them all properly. In addition to offshore fishing in the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez that borders the eastern strip of Baja California offers plenty of opportunity as well. A variety of sport fish make their home in the region, including yellowfin tuna, rockfish, and bonito. 

Fortunately, we learned from our mishap and set out to craft the best fishing bags on the market. They are perfect for extended fishing trips thanks to their ability to retain ice for up to 4 days while being 100% leak proof. 

Memorial Day is a reminder for us to be thankful to the soldiers who fought to preserve our freedoms. For us, that freedom looks like being able to kick back and enjoy fishing out on the open sea.