2024 Long Beach Bart Hall Show Recap

2024 Long Beach Bart Hall Show Recap

This past weekend, Opah was at the 2024 Bart Hall Show in Long Beach, California. With the show timeline changing drastically from previous years, it was the first fishing show in Southern California for the 2024 season. We were able to showcase our new display and hand out hundreds of decals to locals that were into our products. Bob Sand's Fishing Tackle and Turner's Outdoorsman had our bags on hand to sell to attendees. 

Matt with Opah was working the booth along with a few ProStaff anglers that would stop in to help out. It was a great time seeing some familiar faces as we all prepare for the 2024 season. For the most part, anglers were interested in a mid-sized kill bag for local species such as Yellowtail, Rockfish, Halibut, and the occasional Bluefin. This lead most to the Fathom 5. Those who had a smaller vessel and stayed closer to shore chose the Fathom 4. As expected, many anglers were setting their upcoming season's focus on Bluefin Tuna. Their bags of choice were the Fathom 6 and Fathom 7 (given they had the deck space). Per usual with these shows, we also get quite the interest in the Fathom 3 and Fathom 4 for use as a regular cooler as well! 

The Bart Hall Show is a relatively new establishment in the industry with roots nestled deep in sportfishing culture of Southern California. While it may not be as big as some other shows, or its predecessor, it still is a great opportunity for anglers to get out and get some early deals on tackle. The location is fantastic, being in the Long Beach Convention Center. 

The Southern California sportfishing community is extremely connected. It is one of the amazing parts of this region. Both personal and group opinion exist heavily on topics such as fishing styles, favorite brands, preferred boats, and (most relevant) best fishing show in the area. While this is to be expected, we need to keep in mind that sports shows have taken a major hit since the pandemic. The majority are all gone, but we are lucky enough to have a few still kicking in Southern California. 

Next show coming up for the 2024 Opah Schedule is Bart Hall San Diego (Feb 15-18). This is a local show for us, so we are extra excited to see all our dealers, supporters, and friends. If you plan on coming, be sure to swing by and say hello!