10 Incredible Line Class Records

10 Incredible Line Class Records

10 of the Most Impressive Line Class Records

Catching the biggest example of a species is an incredible achievement. Very rarely do these records get broken. What about other accomplishments that are less spoken of? Below is our list of the 10  impressive line class records (in no particular order)!



Black Marlin Alfred Glassell Jr, 1560lb - 130# Line

    This monster was caught in notorious Cabo Blanco, Peru on April 22, 1954. It had taken an hour and 15 minutes to get to the boat. It was caught on a mackerel and Fin-Nor 12/0 reel. 

    Tarpon, Thomas Evans, 194lb - 12# Line

      We are not sure what’s more impressive; the line weight or the fact it was caught on a brown toad fly! This fish came from Pine Island, Florida on May 10, 2010 and fought for over 2 hours before giving up. 



      Tiger Shark, Glen Kirkwood, 1364 lb - 30# line

        Caught in Swansea, New South Wales, Australia on September 20, 1990. The fight lasted for 2 hours. It was caught on a mullet. 



        Bluefin Tuna, Bradly Kistler, 196lb - 20# Line

          Another impressive fly-caught fish. This bluefin was brought in over an hour and 15 minutes on a Lefty’s Deceiver in Morehead City, North Carolina on January 12, 2001. 




          Yellowfin Tuna, Guy Yocom, 427lb - 130# Line

            Caught on a Tiagra and Melton Rod, this tuna was caught in Cabo San Lucas on September 18. 2012 on chunk bait.


            Permit, Del Brown, 41lb - 8# Line

              Often considered one of the greatest Fly Rod catches of all time. This stud was caught in Key West, Florida on March 13, 1986 on a crab fly and fought for over an hour.


              Dorado, Gary Carter, 58lb - 2# Test

                No, that’s not a typo. This fish was actually caught on 2lb test line. To say this is incredible is an understatement. It was brought in on a Ballyhoo in Panama on January 4, 2007. 





                Wahoo, Sara Hayward, 184lb - 80# Test

                  This massive Wahoo was caught on a Mean Joe Green Lure in Cabo San Lucas on July 29, 2005. The fight lasted over 45 minutes. 



                  Pacific Halibut, Gene Grimes, 244lb - 8# Test


                    This is such an incredible record for such a formidable opponent. This slab was caught on August 18, 1988 on a salmon head. The battle lasted for over an hour. 



                    Mako Shark, Ms. Cheryl Adams, 634 lb - 30# Test


                    Makos are well known for their acrobatics and brute strength. Fighting and landing this beast on 30lb line in just an hour is nothing but impressive. It was caught on February 29, 1992 in Port Stephens, Australia on a striped tuna.